Horses & Dogs had always been the man’s best companions from  time immemorial. Infact time has lost track of when the first encounter of man with horses began, which shall develop and make an unbreakable bondage for age to come. You think of linking one another ward with horses and you may undoubtedly end up as Kings, Royal's, Dukes, Knights, Warfare, Great conquests etc., Yes, horses where always associated with Nobles & Riches. And hence Horse Riding has always been a prestigious and Royal sport.

These riders schools are set up, with a view to inculcate leader ship quality, love for nature, Protection of environment and also to keep the youth of all ages fit and busy, so as to avoid unrest in their day to day life and to develop fellowship. Its main aim is to make the participant’s-day more harmonious, pleasant, and to live with dignity and self-esteem. Most of all to rediscover and promote the age-old art of horse riding as a hobby.



Horse riding is also a best kind of exercise. It reduces tummy and gives a perfect V shape to the body. It melts away loose muscles and extra fat in all parts of the body. It tightens biceps, triceps shoulder muscles, thigh muscles, colf muscles etc and broadens shoulder. Gym in one another place where you shape your body, but the problem is that, you add more loose muscles if you suddenly stop those exercise. But in horse riding this doesn’t occur. It smoothens the blood flow and helps in free circulation of blood in all parts of the body. It reduces hypertension and helps in cooling your body. It also helps in increasing your stamina. Though it is branded has a manly sport. It is best-suited exercise for both sex and unlike other sports where you strain and do the exercise, here you sit on the horse and horse does the exercise for you.



Horse riding apart from being a living Gym by itself. It is also a loveable hobby. It is highly thrilling to control a beast, which is much bigger than ourselves and moving it the way we wanted to move. Since, horses are not machines and is an individual entity which can act independently, there is some amount of mind reading and telepathy involved, where your mind frequency have to synchronize with that of the animals brain wave and then you take control, and when once you have broken the horse and taken charge, the joy of over powering such an magnificent animal whose power is comparatively extraordinary, brings you self-esteem, self-pride and self confidence. Especially when children experience such a joy, they become contended and self sustained. They feel so happy that the love in them begins to overflow, and as researchers put it they become more friendly, more trustful, understanding and more helpful in nature. It is a hobby, which improves you, both physically and mentally. Needless to say it is one another art that you have added to your life.



Horse riding apart from rendering high values of both physical and mental stability to human kind shall be a best suited hobby for any one who choose to live in harmony and to relax much more comfortably



Horse Riding – Time Schedule


1 class of 40 mins each will be conducted every week / student.



Syllabus of the riding club shall be discussed across table.


In spite of we being a commercial body and Horses are always attributed to the rich and the famous and also this sport “horse riding” had always considered as a royal sports.., we still stick to bring the richness of the sport to be affordable to even the middle class society, and we have planned to attain this by volume, addressing larger audience.